New Filthy Cave Records release!

EVIL SPELLS - "A Path To The Void"

Evil, melodic, blasphemous Death Metal from France. Debut demo tape out now through Filthy Cave Records. Recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Unanimated, early Necrophobic... Seven tracks of pure malevolence.

Get it for only 3.5€ + shipping.

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Samples: Evil Spells Soundcloud

New Filthy Cave Records release!

CHURCH OF DISGUST - "Invocation of Putrid Worship"

Second demo tape by this Texas band, in the vein of the most putrid Death Metal cults, recommended for fans of the mighty Bolt Thrower or Autopsy. Cover artwork by David Torturdod (Undergang), upcoming full-length to be released by Memento Mori.

Get it for only 3€ + shipping.

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Samples: Church of Disgust bandcamp

New Filthy Cave Records release!

NECROVEN - "Perpetual Scorn"

Filthy Cave Records presents the debut demo tape of the Spanish Death Metal band Necroven, pure worship to the ancient sounds of Death, influenced by the American darkest cults and the Finnish cold melodies among many other putrid sounds. Their full length shall be released by Memento Mori (CD) and Satanic Skinhead Propaganda (LP) in the near future. Get it for only 3€ + shipping.

Get in touch for wholesale prices and possible trades.

Samples: Necroven bandcamp

We have uploaded to YouTube the show that Agonia Pre-Mortem played at the Etengabeko Zarata fest in Donosti, 02/10/10... Last copies of the demo-tape still available.

ATARAXY - Curse Of The Requiem Mass 12"MLP now available from us!

"Curse OF The Requiem Mass" is the demonstration than the age is not a determiner factor at the time of doing quality death metal. Listening to these six relentless tunes with a marked weakness for hammering mid tempos, they probably will make everybody think that the musicians involved on Ataraxy should be in their mid-late thirties: that they lived, breathed and heart beaten at once in the old good days of the tape trading movement and massive flyers campaigns via snail mail. But the truth is that the youngsters behind this name, have shown being gifted with an amazing eerie closeness to the real deal and know-how of writing and playing this style on its (probably) more challenging and pounding way. If their demo “Rotten Shit” helped them out to being put on the map and showed some intentional and potential stuff worth of being checked out, this mini album consolidates them as an outfit with many things to say, despite of their clear influences, heavily rooted on deities like and Morgoth, Autopsy, the Swedish scene and, specially, Asphyx. A release which is by decree death certificate by itself, but which has gained a certain plus of uniqueness thanks to the production of Javier Felez at his Moontower Studios, whom has teamed up, fitted and got the very best out of these promising putrid gang.


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